Catholic university

Pope Francis’ AI Advisor Lectures on “Algorethics”

Fr. Paolo Benanti, T.O.R. gives a lecture proposing “algorethics”

Bishop Barron Visits Notre Dame

Renowned Catholic thinker speaks on faith and the university

Bishop Paprocki Speaks with the Rover

Bishop of Springfield comments on synodality and the Catholic university

On the present state of Notre Dame

The Rover’s call to protect the university’s mission

Teach Me the Truth

Why all students must care about ND’s health care change

Inconvenience is not Intolerance

Sophie Buono argues in favor of the University’s former moratorium on insurance plans that cover contraceptives

Ramifications of the Land O’ Lakes Statement

Alexandra DeSanctis discusses the impact and shortcomings of the Land O’ Lakes Statement

A Noble Farewell: Professor Retires After 41 Years

Retiring Professor Thomas F. X. Noble reflects on education and the university

From Excellent Sheep To Excellent Sheep

Editor in Chief Emeritus Michael Bradley reflects on the role of the Catholic university in guiding students in their personal vocations.