Center for Ethics and Culture

Charter Schools Help Children Reach Their Potential

Speaker touts education’s ability to aid children from broken families

Freedom, Locke, and Liberalism

CEC panel covers political philosophy and varying definitions of liberty

Overcoming Anonymity through Encounter

Center for Ethics and Culture’s Bread of Life Dinner engages students and faculty in discussion of pro-life issues

Center for Ethics and Culture Announces Annual Medal

Little Sisters of the Poor to receive 2016 Evangelium Vitae Medal

When In Rome

Lauren Saunee reflects on her spring break spent in Rome at the Medical Ethics Conference hosted by the Center for Ethics and Culture

Bread Of Life Dinner Presents University Pregnancy Resources

Vice President for Student Affairs explains mission to help students make choice for life

Evangelium Vitae Medal Awarded to Chris and Marie Smith

Domenic Canonico reports on the recipient reception of the Evangelium Vitae award by Chris and Marie Smith. The award is given by the Center for Ethics and Culture to honor those who protect the sanctity of human life.