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Three young couples discuss the vocation of marriage

Dating Under the Dome

Students reflect on struggle to find balance in a polarized dating culture

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5 ways to indicate interest without being aggressive.

Letter to the Editor: Living in La La Land

What constitutes true happiness? Will wealth, a lover, pursuit of my dreams settle this longing in my heart? These are…

We’re Bringing Dating Back

The Rover interviews Professor David O’Connor after second annual Saint Valentine’s Day poster campaign

Defining “Notre Dating”

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Created for More: Campus Ministry Tackles “The Lost Art of Dating”

What is dating like on Notre Dame’s campus? Is there an alternative to the hook-up culture? What is dating like in a 21st century environment? A recent lecture addressed these issues.

Dating Under The Dome

Rebecca Self gives an account of dating at Notre Dame, reflecting on the experiences of her classmates as well as a lectures and interviews given by Professor David O’Connor.