Pope Francis’ AI Advisor Lectures on “Algorethics”

Fr. Paolo Benanti, T.O.R. gives a lecture proposing “algorethics”

The Case for Capital Punishment

We should not shirk from this responsibility by opting for broad legislation for the sake of convenience.

“Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” To Be Shown On Campus

Liz Everett reports on an exclusive showing of the a biographical film on the life of Nelson Mandela, sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.

A Nuclear Exchange: Does the World Need the Bomb?

Josh O’Brien reports on the recent debate over nuclear weapons that was planned and organized by Global Zero Notre Dame.

Center for Ethics and Culture Hosts 14th Annual Fall Conference

Liz Everett reports on the ongoing, 14th Annual Center for Ethics and Culture Fall Conference. The conference is titled: Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Body and Human Dignity.

Girgis and Anderson: Keep Discussing, Defending Marriage

Sherif Girgis and Ryan Anderson discuss how they got into the business of defending marriage, and where traditionalists should go from here.