Observing Lent 2024 on Campus

The Rover’s comprehensive guide to all things Catholic this Lent

Christ Is Really Here

Reflections on the Eucharistic Real Presence on campus

Highway to Heaven: A Modern Call to Holiness

Blessed Carlo Acutis’ witness is important for The Church

Opinion: Mass should be more scary

In a well-worn homily anecdote, a Protestant, when first introduced to the concept of transubstantiation, exclaims: “If I believed that, I would crawl up the aisle for communion on my knees!”

Satiating the thirst for Christ

Working towards perpetual adoration on campus

The dwelling place of God

Tabernacles and the Real Presence

Sacramentals in Dracula

Lecturer argues for a presence of religious longing on the margins of Dracula

Getting Good Reception

Tuning in to ancient and modern debates on the modes of receiving Communion

The Eucharist As Institutional Witness  

John VanBerkum reflects on Notre Dame’s witness as the Body of Christ