Faculty Forum

Comments On Trump’s Victory

The Rover editors have posed the question: ‘to what extent was Donald Trump’s victory a win for the conservative movement?”…

An Opportunity For Humility

The election of Donald Trump can be seen not so much as an endorsement of Trump himself as it is…

Moving Forward After the Election

The Rover offers a faculty forum regarding Donald Trump’s victory and conservatism

Trump And The Conservative Movement

I do not know anymore (if I ever did) what the “conservative movement” is. Is free trade or protectionism “conservative”?…

Religious Freedom: For Thee, For Me, For America

Donald Trump’s victory on November 8 has elicited deeper divisions than perhaps any U.S. election result since 1860, when the…

Education Toward Consensus

As was widely noted over the past year, what is sometimes called “the conservative movement” was strongly divided about Donald…

Victory Is Not Vindication

The Republican Establishment may think that Donald Trump’s unexpected victory in the Presidential election somehow vindicates them. To be fair,…

Constructing a Coherent Core Curriculum

The Rover offers a faculty forum on the core curriculum

Dreaming Too Small

Professor Patrick Deneen on the core curriculum