New School for Global Affairs Intended to Boost Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

University Provost Thomas G. Burish: “A new School of International [Global] Affairs is one way through which our global aspirations could be advanced, as they have at many other top research universities.”

The Nanovic Institute: Further Educating the Mind, Body and Spirit

Kate Hardiman reports on the work of Notre Dame’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies.

Historic Breakthrough Or Historic Mistake?

Louis Bertolotti reports on the recent decision made between Iran and the United Nations Security Council regarding Iran’s Nuclear Program.

International Perspectives On An American Holiday

Maya Lewis surveys the perspective of international students, coming from places as far as South Korea and as close as Mexio, on the American Holiday of Thanksgiving.

A Week Of International Education

Caroline Corsones reports on the various events that have been happening throughout campus as part of International Education Week.