Who’s Who at Notre Dame: John and Lila Ritschard

Meet Lila and John Ritschard—the dinnertime card-swiping, happy-birthday-singing joke-making duo of Notre Dame. While many students recognize them by sight, the story of how they met and wound up at Notre Dame is a bit less obvious.

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: John Zack

Maggie Duncan sits down to talk with John Zack, the Head Sacristan at the Basilica for the past nine years.

Who’s Who At Notre Dame: Len Gish

Maggie Duncan spends some time with Len Gish who has been part of the Notre Dame football family for an incredible 52 seasons.

Right Where You Are, Just The Way You Are

Maggie Schmid reflects on her first year at Notre Dame and her summer spent volunteering with the Appalachia Service Project.