Garth @ Notre Dame
Review – Garth Brooks Concert

Everyone involved in designing it should have known better and not gone out of their way to ruin the show.

Duncan Student Center: an underwhelming experience

A few months in, how does the new center stack up?

Blade Runner 2049: Review

Sequel to the 1982 cult classic fails commercially, succeeds artistically

Shakespeare’s Measure for Measure: Review

Actors From The London Stage return to Notre Dame

Fr. Martin’s Bridge: Welcome But in Need of Repair

Prof. Philpott discusses the strengths and weaknesses of Fr. James Martin’s controversial new book

Dunkirk: Another Anti-War War Movie

Or Everything That’s Right (and Wrong) About Dunkirk

The Core Curriculum: One Opinion

So it seems to me that the core curriculum is the right sort of thing for the university to reexamine at this time, not because it of its faults but because of its potential … I doubt that much is to be gained in the seemingly low-risk strategy of minimizing our distinctiveness, scaling back the unique features of our curriculum.

A Review of The Hunger Games: Catching Fire: Sparks of Revolution

Kate Everett gives a review of the latest blockbuster, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.