Newsfeed Frenzy. All we’ve seen in the last few days: “Oh my gosh, I’m so excited to be spending [insert semester here] in [insert study abroad location here]!!! #Classof2017 #ByeSouthBend #blessed”

Climate Change. 20 degrees everywhere else means parkas, snow boots, and thermal-wear.  20 degrees here means shorts, tee-shirts, and outdoor sports.  Because warm is a relative term.

Let’s Spoon. I recently discovered the joy that is frozen yogurt with unlimited toppings.  The next person who tells me there is nothing to do in South Bend has got another think coming.



Text Anxiety. In a shocking turn of events, UNICEF recently reported that “Text Speak” is the most difficult language in the world to learn.  Not only are there myriad abbreviations and emoticons, but even simple words, such as “hey,” can have infinite meanings depending on context.

The Irish Bachelor. As if gender relations were not awkward enough, we’ve decided to immortalize “Notre Dating” into a TV series.  At least it will interrupt the 24/7 stream of Rudy.

Tuition Increase. Tuition: $48,300; Room and Board: $13,400; Food: $15/meal; Sunlight: $1,000; Air: $1,000; Grass: $800; Squirrel Food: $500; Random necessities: $500; the Irish Rover: PRICELESS.


Meadow Jackson is a sophomore who is sad because it will never be her name of the day at Let’s Spoon.  If you have any suggestions for the column, would like to sign a petition for a “Meadow” day, or would just like to prove that someone reads the bio line of this section, please email her at