Keenan is a senior studying political science with minors in history and Constitutional Studies. She is a staunch, albeit hypocritical, advocate of living on campus all four years. 

James is a senior studying philosophy. He likes jazz, canon law, and not thinking about the fact that he wrote the words “James Rahner is a senior” in the last sentence.

Ellie is a sophomore majoring in political science and philosophy. She is fond of coffee shops and thunderstorms.

Sarah Ortiz ’19

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus


Sarah is a junior studying the Program of Liberal Studies and Classics. Her dream is to live in the Shire and read novels all day under a tree.

David is a junior studying history, with minors in Computing & Digital Technologies and Business Economics. All of his spare time goes towards playing the trumpet in marching band.

Ben is a junior studying Accounting and Theology. He attends Latin Mass religiously and also appreciates cheesy puns.

Aidan McDonald is a junior majoring in computer science with a supplemental major in theology. In his nonexistent free time, he runs a YouTube channel on Catholic apologetics, called Celtic Catholic Fire.

Monica is a junior majoring in anthropology. She loves to run and her favorite snack is oyster crackers.

Soren is a senior in the Program of Liberal Studies pursuing a minor in Constitutional Studies. She enjoys playing the upright bass in the Notre Dame Symphony, pursuing truth, and writing candid, unpopular columns.

Nic Abouchedid ‘21

Politics & Economics Editor


Nicolas is a sophomore studying in the Program of Liberal Studies with a second major in philosophy. He strongly believes that any movie worth watching should not be started after 7:30pm.

Teresa Kaza ‘19

Culture & Thought Editor


Teresa is a senior studying Biology and Philosophy. She is the oldest of 12 children and enjoys reading, painting, and petting cats.

Zach Pearson ‘21

Culture & Thought Editor


Zach is a sophomore majoring in Music and the Program of Liberal Studies.  He can name any Beatles song within the first 5 seconds of it being played.

Nicholas Holmes ‘19

Religion & Ethics Editor


Nicholas is a sophomore from Michigan studying political science and history. Calling Keough his home on campus, he enjoys reading The Lord of the Rings, discussing politics, and debating the all-important question of which dining hall is superior.

Hap is a junior.

Maureen is a senior studying theology and sociology. She loves families, laundry rooms, and green bananas.

Natalie is a sophomore majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies and Classics.  She enjoys speaking Latin, eating chocolate, and swing dancing.