Sarah is a junior studying the Program of Liberal Studies and Classics. Her dream is to live in the Shire and read novels all day under a tree.

Evan is a senior majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies with a minor in philosophy. He likes penguins, Weird Al, and long walks around the lakes.

Kevin is a sophomore studying economics and political science. Before he leaves Notre Dame, he hopes to attend Mass in every dorm and chapel on campus.

Julia McKeon is a sophomore majoring in theology and political science with a minor in education, schooling, and society. She enjoys playing the fiddle. 

Michael is a junior studying finance and theology. He once learned all of the lyrics to Nessun Dorma without ever understanding their meaning in English.

Aidan McDonald is a sophomore majoring in computer science with a supplemental major in theology. In his nonexistent free time, he runs a YouTube channel on Catholic apologetics, called Celtic Catholic Fire!

Keenan White

Politics & Economics Editor

Keenan is a junior studying political science and history with a minor in constitutional studies. She was named after Keenan Hall and has lived in three different countries and five different states.

James Rahner

Religion & Ethics Editor

James Rahner is a junior philosophy and theology major hailing from Cincinnati, Ohio. He likes French pop music.

John Paul Ferguson

Culture & Thought Editor

John Paul Ferguson is a sophomore majoring in the Program of Liberal Studies and double-minoring in Italian and Constitutional Studies. He greatly enjoys feeding the squirrels around O’Shag.

Lacey is junior studying history and English with a minor in theology. Her go-to party trick is singing the alphabet backwards

Monica is a sophomore majoring in anthropology. She loves to run and her favorite snack is oyster crackers.

Maureen is a junior studying theology and sociology. She loves families, laundry rooms, and green bananas.

Hap is a sophomore.