Summer Culture Collection

Rover masthead shares favorites from summer break

Rover Reviews: Tyranny Inc.

Sohrab Ahmari confronts privatized tyranny

Rover Reviews: Barbie

Et in Arcadia Ego, Barbie

Who’s Who: The Morris Inn Twins, Shelly and Kelly

Sisters offer a warm welcome to all who come to campus

Diversitàlia: Italy Comes to South Bend

Center for Italian Studies hosts annual concert

Who’s Who: The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band

A rocky start to an iconic Notre Dame tradition

NOVO Like a Champion Today

Fall 2023 Course Recommendations

NDSO Hosts First Concert of the Semester

Two impressive concertos featured in the NDSO’s spring concert

Romeo and Juliet at Notre Dame

Actors From the London Stage come to South Bend

Faculty Culture Collection

Rover Faculty Advisors recommend books and films every undergraduate student should read and watch