No Man Can Serve Two Masters

A foray into the university’s treatment of LGBT issues

Ex Corde Ecclesiae and Catholic Students of Today

John Paul II opened his apostolic constitution on Catholic universities, Ex Corde Ecclesiae, in dramatic fashion. Issued on the Feast…

Letters from Saint Jerome

 How “an irascible, morbidly sensitive, old curmudgeon” models love of woman

On Spiderwebs and Simple Joys

Finding hope in the midst of chaos

A Message from the Editor-in-Chief

Dear readers—and especially the class of 2025, What a joy it is to begin this semester! These past days have…

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

NOVO Like a Champion Today

Irish Rover Course Recommendations for the Fall 2021 semester

What is “Passion,” and When Will We Find It?

A study of the relationship between identity and action

Still Not a LaFun Booth

Learning to Long with C.S. Lewis and Elizabeth of the Trinity

“Give God Permission”

Life lessons from the Sisters of Life