Notre Dame Reacts to Racial Protests

Institutions within the University present their solutions to the past months of turmoil.

The Press and the President

Evaluating the Fourth Estate in the era of Trump

Integralists for Joe Biden?

Joe Biden and the search for “Catholic politicians”

An Election Amidst a Pandemic

COVID-19 has changed everything. How does it impact the 2020 presidential race?

Why We Can’t Talk about Abortion

It’s easier to defend “women’s health care” than a right to kill Since I graduated from Notre Dame, I’ve spent…

Polarization and Political Philosophy

How a deep education can help overcome political division What has polarization to do with philosophy? Philosophy is, in the…

Free Markets and Morality

Students dedicate weekend to exploring the question, “Is capitalism moral?” In September 2017, a group of 17 undergraduates at the…

Environmentalism and the Right

Protecting the planet is a conservative value, too When reviewing the discourse on climate change, one may immediately notice that…

Realism vs Legalism

ND Law School Hosts Symposium on International Law Notre Dame Law School recently hosted the Journal of International & Comparative…

Knights of Columbus Host Debate

Candidates for Student Body President Gather at Knights of Columbus Debate