O Scooter, My Scourge

O you ruinous usurpers of a peaceful day’s stroll. You ravenous circling vultures. You flurry of black vampire bats. You…

Notes From A Linkedin Diary

Entry 1: I know many of you have been following my law school journey with bated breath.  And if you…

An Intoxicating Discovery

Freshman uncovers Notre Dame’s best kept secret

A Short Guidance on Social Distancing

Snails are done for… Centipedes will do very well in the upcoming weeks

Affleck-Graves post-Notre Dame plans: “Time to get serious with close-up magic”

“And when you live in a magical place like South Bend? Inspiration is everywhere!” Affleck-Graves shared.

Boat Stratification

Allegations that some early ticket purchasers were tipped off ahead of time continue to circulate.