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Sorin Fellows Program

Center for Ethics and Culture initiative supports integral development of its fellows

Who’s Who at Notre Dame: Father Peter Rocca, CSC

From the mountain ranges of Catalonia to the plains of Notre Dame

Students Stand Against Modern-Day Slavery

New club formed to fight oppression of the poor

Bishop Barron visits Notre Dame

Bishop Barron discusses the estrangement of young former Catholics today

Catholicism & Gender Ideology

“Speak the truth with conviction but with kindness”

Tolkien and the Importance of Art

Professor Discusses Art and Religious Experience in The Lord of the Rings

Student Group Distributes Condoms at Main Circle

Planned Parenthood affiliate calls for “reproductive justice”

University Drops Abortifacients, Provides Contraception Directly

Student groups respond to latest insurance policy

Evolution and the Problem of Evil

The challenges of suffering, pain, and death within creation

An Evening With Roxane Gay

Cultural critic discusses societal issues in her new book