Signum Records produces tracks by Notre Dame women’s choir

The Notre Dame Magnificat Choir, the only on-campus, all female liturgical choir, is releasing a new album titled “Magnificat.” Signum Records produced the album, and the choir released their first song, “The Choristers’ Prayer,” by Kartika Putri on February 29, 2024. 

Choir director Patrick Kronner told the Rover that he chose to release the album slowly, one single per month, in order to “highlight each track and its text … and to serve as monthly prayer devotionals for those who would like to pray and listen along with us.” 

Kronner shared, “It’s not dedicated to anyone in particular, but we hope everyone will find it as a beautiful way to experience many beautiful prayers of the church through gorgeous music.” 

Kronner also noted that all tracks were selected to align with the album’s mission of seeking “to magnify the light of Christ through prayer, meditation, and song. As Mary’s ‘yes’ brought light into the world, we pray she may serve as our example.” 

While the choir has released albums before, all were previously under the name “The Notre Dame Women’s Choir,” and none feature current students. This is also the first professional recording to feature the Murdy Family Pipe Organ, heard in many of the tracks.

The album’s individuality comes from both the compositions themselves and the close involvement of students throughout the recording process. Kronner worked with choir members to select songs for the album, most of which were written by female composers. This made the project deeply personal for the group. Selections include: “O Pastor Animarum,” written by the choir’s patron saint, Hildegard of Bingen and arranged by David Marshall; “Hail Mary, Full of Grace” by Susan Powell; and many others. The album includes songs in Quechua, Latin, and English. 

According to choir president Hannah Schmitz, the process of recording one three-minute song may take up to an hour, as each song requires multiple takes. It is estimated that the choir spent at least 300 hours preparing to release this album. 

The basilica’s air conditioning unit posed a particularly unique challenge. The sensitive recording equipment picked up its rustling and clanking sounds, causing the choir to re-record several songs. Throughout the process, the choristers kept up morale through group bonding activities such as dress up days. When asked about these challenges, soprano Dana Mays remarked, “The sacrifice pales in comparison to the fulfillment we receive from singing these prayers.” 

Another chorister, Sofia Benigno, emphasized the songs themselves as motivation for perseverance: “Having the memory of how to sing the prayer reminds you of the beauty of the Faith, and reminds you that prayer itself is something beautiful.”

The next track scheduled to be released is “O God, You Search Me,” by Bernadette Farrell and arranged by Hillary Doerries, on March 28. Students can find the tracks, along with the choir’s other performances, on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and other streaming platforms. For those who want to hear the choir perform live, they can be found singing at the Saturday vigil mass at 5pm and several of the Holy Week services. 

Katiebelle Thompson enjoys singing in her spare time, and can be found doing so in her dorm, during Mass, and on walks. She prefers classic rock and movie scores, but her physics class has got her ‘singing the blues.’ Song recommendations can be sent to

Photo Credit: Signum Classics, Patrick Kronner

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