Tim Bradley

Is A University Education Worth It?

Tim Bradley continues his series on the cost of attending college. In this piece, he evaluates the financial investment of college and the importance of stressing the original purpose of higher education.

What Is This Costing You?

Tim Bradley does some investigative reporting and examines the cost of attendance at the University of Notre Dame in comparison to other elite institutions across the country that have seen dramatically increasing costs of attendance.

“The Truth Shall Set You Free”

“The great challenge of the contraceptive mandate is not legal, political or even constitutional. The primary challenge is an evolving orthodoxy that no longer assumes religion in American public life is a good thing, much less that it ought to be constitutionally privileged.”

Bernanke and the “Dark Forest”

On September 18 the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) decided, in a move that surprised markets, that economic conditions did not yet warrant a reduction in the pace of its bond purchasing program.

The current policy of purchasing $85 billion-a-month of Treasury- and mortgage-backed securities is the third iteration of quantitative easing, a policy tool designed to maintain downward pressure on interest rates after the federal funds rate has reached its zero lower bound and other traditional policy tools have been exhausted. These policies so far have led the Fed’s balance sheet to increase to almost $4 trillion. After months of signaling markets to prepare for tapering due to improvements in the outlook for economic growth, the FMOC move triggered a sigh of relief in stock and bond markets, with the yield on 10-year Treasury notes falling and the Dow Jones Industrial Index closing at a record high immediately following the release of the FOMC meeting statement.

Welcome to the cove

Tim Bradley, Staff Writer “South Bend would be nothing if it wasn’t for Notre Dame!” Sadly, that is a sentiment…

Robust in body and mind

Tim Bradley, Staff Writer The day was 29 May 1874.  It was the day the current constitution of Switzerland was…

Bookstore is back and better than ever

Beginning in 1972, Notre Dame, Holy Cross and St. Mary’s students, faculty and staff have taken to the basketball courts…

Beyond the Crisis: What Lies Ahead for the EU

The economic situation in the European Union (EU) remains one of the most glaring issues threatening the global economy. Several…

Sharing the Catholic Tradition

Tim Bradley, Staff Writer In his papal encyclical Ex Corde Ecclesiae, Blessed Pope John Paul II described the mission of…

Measuring and Getting Results in non-Profits

Tim Bradley, Staff Writer The Mendoza College of Business hosted two Notre Dame Alumni on January 29 for a panel…