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“Progress” in New York

The Reproductive Health Act and Expanding Abortion Rights On January 22, the 46th anniversary of the historic Supreme Court case…

Panel of Notre Dame professors defend “abortion rights”

Gender Studies Department and Irish 4 Reproductive Health fear a reversal of Roe

Making Venezuela Great Again

Trump’s forceful approach is good for both Venezuela and the US

Think Before You Tweet

When Twitter Shouldn’t be Your Platform of Choice

Students embark on annual March for Life Pilgrimage

Community members march on, backed by science

Health department panel denies South Bend abortion clinic license

An appeals panel voted 2-1 against the licensing of a potential South Bend abortion clinic on November 28th.

A More Parent-Friendly Capitol Hill

The Optimistic Future for Paid Family Leave

The Case for Capital Punishment

We should not shirk from this responsibility by opting for broad legislation for the sake of convenience.

Letting Emotion Reign

Why Anger in Politics is Not a Virtue

The Modern Catholic Politician

Catholics right now are forced to decide for themselves which doctrines of the Church are the most important in politics