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The Case for Capital Punishment

We should not shirk from this responsibility by opting for broad legislation for the sake of convenience.

Letting Emotion Reign

Why Anger in Politics is Not a Virtue

The Modern Catholic Politician

Catholics right now are forced to decide for themselves which doctrines of the Church are the most important in politics

The Blue Wave

Comparing Predictions and Results

Is Integralism the Answer?

Deneen, Munoz, Pappin, and Vermeule Debate Catholicism and the American Experiment

Enlightened statesmen will not always be at the helm

An exploration of democratic and non-democratic leadership

The politics of friendship

What friendship can learn from politics

Solzhenitsyn’s Warning and the Importance of Art

The route towards a spiritually developed society

Careers, Capitalism, and Catholicism

Questions that may arise during the job-hunt

Immigration and the importance of the law

Responding to the argument for open borders