Alexandra DeSanctis

Catholic Character And The Core Curriculum

Curriculum review and hall-sponsored forum debate role of theology at Notre Dame

Cultivating Authentic Identity In The Modern World

2015 Edith Stein Project co-chairs reflect on this year’s conference theme

Scholars Condemn Sentencing Of Raif Badawi

Religious liberty advocates offer to accept punishment for imprisoned Saudi blogger

Is Campus Crossroads Crossing The Line?

Students, faculty, and alumni voice opinions on the controversial Campus Crossroads Project

Remembering the Martyrs of the Soviet Union

Team at Notre Dame Hesburgh Library launches impressive digital project.

Waging War, Defending Dignity

Editors discuss the rhetoric of the “War on Women.”

Student Senate Demands Answers

Notre Dame presses forward with change to the physical education requirement.

“You Can’t Win If You Don’t Fight”

Managing Editor Alexandra DeSanctis conducted an interview with Senator Rick Santorum prior to his campus visit.

No More Physical Education?

Notre Dame abolishes the physical education program in favor of a mandatory First Year Experience.

Challenging Compliance

Notre Dame refiles petition for a rehearing in lawsuit against the HHS mandate.