Unlicensed Abortion Clinic Sues State of Indiana

Whole Women’s Health continues their battle with state of Indiana and Right to Life Michiana

Klopfer’s abortion victims receive local funeral

Rape victim, activists, pastors gather in the cold to bury thousands of fetal remains  It was a cold day in…

Sunday Blue Laws to Sunday Booze

Legislators seek to lift Indiana Sunday alcohol sale ban

Statewide Election Numbers Tighten

Down-ballot candidates face unconventional political landscape

Should SOGI Laws Make Us Fear for the Future of Religious Freedom?      

Indiana State Senate considers two Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity bills

Appreciation for the People of Indiana

Since my first day as a freshman at Notre Dame, my Italian grandmother has peppered me with questions about Luigi…

Defining Marriage in the Hoosier State: Indiana Senate Passes Marriage Protection Amendment

While the Indiana Senate recently passed the controversial Marriage Protection Amendment—or HJR-3—on February 17, there is still some controversy from both sides. Some are disappointed that the stronger version of the amendment was not included, while some are disappointed that the amendment passed at all.

Hoosiers To Vote On Marriage Protection Amendment

Alexandra DeSanctis reports on Indiana’s upcoming vote on the Marriage Protection Amendment.

Time to Act

Notre Dame has an institutional duty to emphasize more fully and publicly its conviction that the Church’s teachings about marriage are true.