John VanBerkum

Witnesses to Truth, at Notre Dame and Beyond

John VanBerkum reminds us that we must ask ourselves how we are witnessing to our Catholic faith

Jesus Visits Lithuania: The Untold Story of a Masterpiece

Archbishop Gintaras Grušas, Executive Producer of new documentary, visits Notre Dame to show film

From Hell to Paradise: Traveling with Dante through Lent

Inspired by Pope Francis, the Institute for Church Life begins lecture series

Martin Luther King, Jr., and St. Thomas Aquinas: What is Law?

Father Dominic Legge, OP, commemorates King’s legacy with a talk on the nature of law

A Prayer to Help with Finals

John VanBerkum shares a finals story about St. Joseph of Cupertino’s intercession

Theology and Debate: What is Theological Dialogue?

A look at the recent debate over Ross Douthat’s theological musings

Light and Clouds

John VanBerkum examines the roles of faith and reason in the life of a university student.

The Lamp on the Lampstand

An exploration of the Institute for Church Life catechism program

World Meeting of Families is Underway

A closer look at what’s happening in Philadelphia

Notre Dame Goes Virtual For The Summer

Foundations of Theology among courses to be offered online