Students Fight Pornography with WRAP Week

Students for Child-Oriented Policy raises awareness about pornography use on campus

New Campus Group Fights Sexual Addiction

AsceND Accountability groups available for students

Innovative Policy Saves Academic Freedom

Pornography use restricted, with a caveat

Struggle For Pornography Filter Continues

Student senate resolution fails, four-year advocacy continues

WRAP Week Fights Pornography on Campus

Students for Child-Oriented Policy hosts its annual signature event

Notre Dame enables pornography usage

The University should bear witness to the truth

Far Too Easily Pleased

Tim Bradley comments on the USCCB’s statement on pornography in light of culture and Notre Dame

Pervasive Evils: Pornography And Abortion

An interview with Christopher Tollefsen

On Both Sides Of The Screen

Panelists shared their stories about the harmful effects of pornography.

Arrested Development: The Destruction Of Masculinity In A Pornified Culture

Octavia Ratiu examines the negative effects of pornography on today’s understanding of masculinity.