TIm Bradley

Family Matters

Tim Bradley considers the meaning of family at Notre Dame

University Of Notre Dame, China?

Faculty town hall debates the merits of Notre Dame’s involvement in a proposed joint university in China

Teeing Off With David Lowe

Notre Dame senior golfer reflects on school, sports, faith, and the future

Uncompromising witness?

University extends benefits to all legally married spouses.

Coming Out Closets

PrismND sponsored its annual event “Coming Out Closets” on Wednesday, October 8. The event consisted of doorframes lined with rainbow…

Crossroads: Counting the Costs

New brochure reveals recent developments with the Campus Crossroads Project.

Recovering Leisure

Tim Bradley discusses the role of leisure at a university.

Classroom And Community: An Interview With Nicole Garnett And Margaret Brinig

Executive Editor Tim Bradley interviews Notre Dame Law Professors about the effect of Catholic school closures in urban neighborhoods.

Notre Dame and the HHS Mandate

Tim Bradley gives an update on the status of Notre Dame’s lawsuit against the Department of Health and Human Services.

Going Classical

Notre Dame alumni contribute to the revival of classical education.