Nia Sylva, '22

Culture Section Editor

Nia is a senior studying in the Program of Liberal Studies with minors in History and Journalism, Ethics and Democracy. She loves running, cooking and watching the New York Giants lose every Sunday. She can be reached at asylva@nd.edu.

Headphones On: ‘Solar Power’

Lorde (finally) comes of age with new album

An Abortion Debate on Campus

Participants James Murphy and Sean Tehan debate the morality of abortion

A Chance to Relax, or Just Another Day?

Notre Dame students react to their first “mini-break”

March for Life Week at Notre Dame

Despite Covid, club seeks to recreate the annual March for Life on-campus

Notre Dame Right to Life Hosts Respect Life Week

Focuses on life, liberty, & the pursuit of happiness

COVID Dashboard Updates

Cases on campus spike, level off in time for football opener

Notre Dame Updates Title IX Policies

University clarifies procedures, definitions for sexual assault and harassment allegations

Fall Conference 2019 embodies Catholic mission of community and friendship

Hosted by the dCEC, the 2019 Fall Conference, provided an environment of fellowship for attendees from across the nation