Caroline Corsones

How Greek is Notre Dame?

Caroline Corsones compares the Notre Dame residential hall system to Greek life on other campuses in interviews with a number of students and rectors.

A Week Of International Education

Caroline Corsones reports on the various events that have been happening throughout campus as part of International Education Week.

The Color Run Takes South Bend

Luckily, some truly inspired people have found a way to bring novice and expert runners together for one day of fun and exercise. The Color Run is the largest event series in the United States, and last Saturday, the event came to South Bend. Setting it apart from other races, the Color Run features volunteers showering runners with powdered colors at certain increments in the race. By the end of the day, beautiful colors cover the entirety of race participants. A concert and dance party follow shortly after the race, bringing people from all walks of life together to celebrate health and vitality.

A Little More Than Girl Power

“When it comes to leading people, I don’t see men or women. I see soldiers” (Ann Dunwoody).

The first event of the Notre Dame Forum on Women in Leadership featured three incredibly prestigious guests. On Monday, September 16, students, faculty and community members congregated in the DeBartolo Performing Arts Center’s Decio Mainstage for the panel discussion, “Getting to the Top of the Pentagon.” Notre Dame welcomed Ann Dunwoody, America’s first four-star female general, and Michelle Flournoy, the highest-ranking woman in Pentagon history. NBC news correspondent and Notre Dame alumna Anne Thompson moderated the discussion.

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