Caroline Corsones

The Hunting Ground: Combatting Sexual Assault on Campus

Activists featured in documentary film share experience and advice with Notre Dame students

Campus Ministry Enriches Study Abroad In Ireland

A look at Dublin program’s services to meet study abroad students’ pastoral needs

Growing Up Roman Catholic And Greek Orthodox

Caroline Corsones discusses her religious upbringing.

Dorm Event Promotes Inner Beauty

New Farley Hall event seeks to promote inner beauty.

God Liked Your Post: What Would Jesus Tweet?

Caroline Corsones explores the relationship between social media and Catholic Social Teaching.

Strengthening the Notre Dame family

Panel covers resources available to help pregnant Notre Dame students make the choice for life.

You Don’t Have To Meet Your Husband At Domerfest

Caroline Corsones discusses the recent changes to Notre Dame’s freshman orientation.

We Are What We Tell: Margaret Atwood Delivers Lecture

Margaret Atwood delivers a lecture at Notre Dame.

National Nutrition Month: Some Food For Thought

An interview with Notre Dame’s nutrition and safety programmer.

All the World’s a Stage, but these Players Come to Notre Dame

The Actors from the London Stage have a special relationship with the University of Notre Dame, as the university serves as the American base for the acting group and is even responsible “for booking their tours, their flights, and the whole of their work in the U.S.”