Charlie Ducey

Politics Cannot Save Us

Where do we look for salvation?

Humility in the German Fraternity House

Recent graduate Charlie Ducey discusses the lessons he has learned living in a German fraternity house

Contemplating the End Times

Charlie Ducey reflects fondly on his time at Notre Dame

Love, Actually

Charlie Ducey reflects on the 2016 Edith Stein Project

What is Secularism, Anyway?      

Scholars elucidate the complex relationship between the secular and the religious

Waking Up the Echoes: Re-Hearing the Call at Notre Dame

After a year’s absence from the university of Our Lady, it has not taken me more than a week to…

120 Miles And A 70-Pound Cross

Charlie Ducey reflects on his Holy Week pilgrimage

Conversion And Revival At Oxford

Charlie Ducey reflects on his time in Oxford

New School for Global Affairs Intended to Boost Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

University Provost Thomas G. Burish: “A new School of International [Global] Affairs is one way through which our global aspirations could be advanced, as they have at many other top research universities.”

Understanding Darwin: Evolution and Faith at Notre Dame

The Irish Rover explores the relationship between science and faith through the lens of evolutionary theory, with the help of a number of professors.