Domenic Canonico

Reading Signs And Reading Buildings     

Domenic Canonico reflects on history, signs, and their meanings while studying abroad in Bologna

Evangelium Vitae Medal Awarded to Chris and Marie Smith

Domenic Canonico reports on the recipient reception of the Evangelium Vitae award by Chris and Marie Smith. The award is given by the Center for Ethics and Culture to honor those who protect the sanctity of human life.

Freedom From the Culture of Autonomy

Patrick Deneen, Notre Dame professor of political science, led a September 30 discussion on building a culture of life as part of the Right to Life Club’s seminar series. These seminars are designed to engage undergraduates in conversation with faculty members about pressing contemporary life issues.

Natural Law and Religious Freedom: What’s at Stake in the HHS Mandate?

As part of the 2013 Notre Dame Symposium focusing on religious liberty under Obamacare, Bishop Robert Morlino of the Diocese of Madison addressed members of the Notre Dame community on September 20 in the Oak Room of South Dining Hall. The topic of his address was the future toll of Obamacare on religious freedom.

The so-called HHS contraceptive mandate, requiring contraceptives and abortifacients to be covered under employer health plans, has pitted Catholic and other religious employers in a legal battle against the federal government. Opponents of the mandate have called it a gross violation of the religious liberty of conscientious objectors.

Bishop Morlino, however, expressed a desire to change the terms of debate