Elizabeth Hale, '25

Managing Editor

Elizabeth is a junior from Northville, Michigan studying political science with a minor in constitutional studies. A barista by trade and an Italian by blood, she is very excited about her new (pink) espresso machine. If you would like to discuss Alexander Dumas or Margaret Mitchell over a masterfully brewed latte, email Elizabeth at ehale@nd.edu.

Nearly 500 Students Study Confessions

 Hundreds register for Fr. Kevin Grove’s course on St. Augustine’s autobiography

Wonder and Rapture

“What does the lovely flush in a beauty’s cheek mean to a doctor but a ‘break’ that ripples above some deadly disease? And doesn’t he sometimes wonder whether he has gained most or lost most by learning his trade?” — Mark Twain, Life on the Mississippi

Monomythical: Stretching Storytelling

Notre Dame student writes and stages a new production exploring the story cycle

Our Gold Standard

“Beauty will save the world” — Fyodor Dostoyevsky, The Idiot

Rover Reviews: Barbie

Et in Arcadia Ego, Barbie

Diversitàlia: Italy Comes to South Bend

Center for Italian Studies hosts annual concert

Who’s Who: The Notre Dame Bagpipe Band

A rocky start to an iconic Notre Dame tradition

Catholics Against Parietals

Traditional Catholics host event Contra Parietals

Hamlet: Princess of Denmark?

Not-So-Royal Shakespeare Company recasts multiple Shakespeare plays

Dr. Liz Lev Lectures on the Sistine Chapel

Famed art historian gives keynote lecture at Fall Conference