John VanBerkum

The Lamp On The Lampstand

Notre Dame students serve as catechists in the South Bend area.

Rejoice In The Power Of Truth

Notre Dame announces recipient of the 2014 Laetare Medal

Catholicism And Conservatism: Immigration Reform

Kevin Richardson (Notre Dame ’79) reflects on a Catholic, conservative position on immigration.

Welcoming the Stranger in our Midst?

Notre Dame expressed its change in policy towards undocumented students that amplified the conversation about immigration among students and faculty in a statement on August 22, 2013. This change has been met with mixed reviews amongst the student body.

Atop that Golden Dome

Our Lady remains atop the iconic Golden Dome…she should also remain in our hearts as we navigate the college party scene.

Lincoln And The Question Of Executive Discretion

John VanBerkum reports on Professor Kleinerman’s lecture on whether or not Political Constitutionalism was preserved by Abraham Lincoln.

Wrapping Paper

John VanBerkum gives a thoughtful and insightful reflection on living a virtuous life and its analogous relationship to wrapping paper.

Pillar of Thought: So you Think You’re Sociable

You know many, many people. You greet them as you cross the quad, stay up late chatting and are in constant communication through Snapchat, Facebook and Twitter. You keep up with your high school friends back home, and here at Notre Dame you make sure to spend enough time with teammates, roommates and classmates.