Kate Hardiman

The Evolution of the Notre Dame Education

Notre Dame solidifies its role as a leading research university and focuses on strategic hiring in scientific disciplines.

The Value of a Catholic Education

The University of Notre Dame has an important mission in the future of Catholic education, and through the Echo and Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) programs, it is affecting great positive change.

Buildings as a Foundation for Achievement

Notre Dame is moving forward with plans for the Campus Crossroads Project, the largest and most ambitious building project in the 172 year history of the university.

The Nanovic Institute: Further Educating the Mind, Body and Spirit

Kate Hardiman reports on the work of Notre Dame’s Nanovic Institute for European Studies.

New Year, New Appreciation

“Nothing should ever make you lose the all-encompassing sense of pride and love for Notre Dame—sometimes all we need is a little reminder.”

No Place Like Home for the Holidays

“Now that my first semester of college is complete, I’ve realized that Sunday mass is the what grounds me most deeply within my community here in my new home at Notre Dame.”

New Name, Same Office?

Kate Hardiman explains the recent switch from the Office of Residential Life to the Office of Community Standards and the new policies, which emphasize consistency in process over consistency in outcomes, and allow for rectors to handle incidents with more discernment.

Sharing the Sun: Raising Energy Awareness in Haiti and at ND

Though the leaves are rapidly changing to red and gold, Notre Dame’s campus was awash in green last week for the 7th annual Energy Week. Hosted by Notre Dame’s Center for Sustainable Energy (cSEND), the week raised awareness of the world’s current energy crisis through various events and talks. Notre Dame’s student organization GreeND organized keynote speakers and presentations that explored the topics of solar energy, energy in transportation and energy research internships for students.