Kate Hardiman

On Graduation

Kate Hardiman discusses the charge to do good and to do well

Whether Children Are Educated, Not Where

Arizona Supreme Court Justice speaks on the future of education policy and litigation

21st Century Activism and the Meaning of “Pro-Woman”

Campus Editor Kate Hardiman discusses what it means to be “Pro-Woman” in today’s society

What Does the Research on School Choice Really Say?

University of Arkansas professor provides conclusions about latest research

Truth and Substance

Kate Hardiman examines the the presidential debate’s lack of truth and substance

A Conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Justice shares life experiences, answers questions about judiciary role

Do Longer Prison Sentences Reduce Crime?

Law professors debate consequences of extended prison time

On Small-town Catholicism and Stewardship

Before leaving Notre Dame for my semester studying abroad in Angers, France, numerous students and professors claimed that my four-month…

Notre Dame Law Library - Image Taken by Michael Fernandes
To Choose or Not To Choose

Panel explores the school choice movement and its implications for American education

Catholic Freedom and Secular Power

New York Times columnist Ross Douthat spoke on religious liberty debate that has evolved since early 1960s