Katelyn Doering

Indiana State Legislators Consider Religious Liberty Bill

SB 101 and SB 568 disputed in Indiana General Assembly

Debating The Keystone XL Pipeline

Bringing crude oil from Canada into the US has its pros and cons

Professors For Lunch Explores Catholic Identity

Tocqueville Program event discusses religious pluralism

One Nation Under God: Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address

An Irish Rover report of a recent Professors for Lunch talk given by Michael Zuckert on “Providentialism and Politics: On Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address”.

Building “Bridges of Discussion”

Katelyn Doering reports on the discussions, debates and conversation between the College Democrats and the College Republicans.

The Politics of adapting to climate change

Katelyn Doering, Staff Writer Associate professor Debra Javeline of the department of political science presented “The Most Important Topic Political…