Kristina Flathers

Exploring Natural Family Planning

Natural Family Planning, and in particular the Creighton Model FertilityCare System, is compared to chemical contraceptives and is found to be as if effective, if not more effective, while at the same time being associated with healthier marriages,

Reading Into the Fine Print of Contraceptives

Kristina Flathers investigates the effects of hormonal contraceptives, such as the Group 1 carcinogen combination Pill, which pose serious physical and mental health dangers.

Pro-life and non-Catholic

Kristina Flathers, Staff Writer For those of you who know me, you may be aware that I am the newly-elected…

Grade Inflation: The Students’ Response

Kristina Flathers, Staff Writer In an article published in USA Today (February 4, 2013) entitled “Notre Dame Seeks to Combat…

Defending Lincoln’s constitutional legacy

Kristina Flathers, Staff Writer Notre Dame professors and students packed the Andrews Auditorium of Geddes Hall to hear a lecture…

A “Glee”-ful Season

Kristina Flathers, Staff Writer Notre Dame’s oldest and perhaps best-known choir, the Notre Dame Glee Club, entered its busiest season,…