Nicole O'Leary

An Agenda of Education and Reconciliation

Rising senior’s initiatives promote conflict resolution in South Sudan

Encountering God’s Mercy in the Sacrament of Love

Collaborative effort to host Divine Mercy Novena, Eucharistic procession, and all-night adoration

Super Tuesday results watch brings clubs together

Bipartisan event draws students with diverse political perspectives

What’s Next for Children’s Rights?

Robert Oscar Lopez discusses Obergefell’s impact on children

Reza Aslan: Islam, ISIS, and Religious Identity

Influential author challenges misconceptions of Islam as inherently violent

Overcoming Anonymity through Encounter

Center for Ethics and Culture’s Bread of Life Dinner engages students and faculty in discussion of pro-life issues

Marriage, the Family, and Religious Liberty

Ryan T. Anderson reflects on the consequences of the legal redefinition of marriage

Feeding the Faith of Notre Dame Students

Campus Ministry and Catholic student groups collaborate to strengthen Notre Dame’s Catholic identity outside of the classroom

The Intersection of Charism and Apostolate

“Remember, O most gracious Virgin Mary…” I was perched on the arm of an empty recliner when I heard those…

Howard Hall Chapel Crawl Encourages Daily Mass Attendance

Howard Hall organizes annual chapel crawl for daily Mass observance at all 29 residence hall chapels