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Beyond a Rights-based Culture and Legal System

Managing and Layout Editor Emeritus Madeline Roe Flores details a vision where the focus is not on rights but on true justice

Take the Pie: A Lesson in Charity

Colleen Halpin urges readers to say yes to what can be the hardest part of charity: receiving

Contemplatives Make Great Conversationalists

Simon Brake ponders the value of paying attention and noticing features that you already know

Pro-Woman, Pro-What?

Sophia Buono argues that being pro-women includes defending freedom, respect, and dignity for mothers alongside their children

Letter to the Editor: A Request for Change

Professor Donald P. Kommers examines the issues at stake regarding Notre Dame potentially awarding President Trump with an honorary degree.

The Awesome Virtues

Professor Walter Nicgorski explores what virtue is as well as its major types

21st Century Activism and the Meaning of “Pro-Woman”

Campus Editor Kate Hardiman discusses what it means to be “Pro-Woman” in today’s society

Anti-Abortion or Pro-Life?

Reba Luffy examines the use of the terms “anti-abortion” and “pro-life” to describe March for Life marchers

Vocation and Sin

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Michael Bradley reflects upon the continual discernment of our vocation in our lives

Comments On Trump’s Victory

The Rover editors have posed the question: ‘to what extent was Donald Trump’s victory a win for the conservative movement?”…