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Letter to the Editor: In Defense of Pope Francis’ Pastoral Style

“Spiritual accompaniment” has become an increasingly common and contested term among Catholics after the Synod on the Family in 2015….

Letter to the Editor: Living in La La Land

What constitutes true happiness? Will wealth, a lover, pursuit of my dreams settle this longing in my heart? These are…

The Long Brief Moment

Managing Editor Emeritus Laura LaPlante offers a poem entitled The Long Brief Moment

Songs of the Irish Rover

Michael Singleton discusses the Irish music and the Irish Rover

Pope John Paul II’s Theology of Redemption

Alex Slavsky discusses John Paul II’s teachings about salvation

Michael Novak, Holy Cross, and Notre Dame

Fr. Bill Miscamble remembers the late Catholic theologian and author Michael Novak

Abortion Must Change our Lives

Executive Editor Emeritus Alexandra DeSanctis discusses the importance of doing everything possible to fight to protect the unborn

Opportunity to End an Unofficial Tradition

Sophia Buono argues for ending the unofficial tradition of automatically inviting presidents to speak at commencement.

The “Society of the Strong” and the Fight for Human Dignity

Senior Aly Cox examines the question “is dependency a measure of worth?”

Beyond a Rights-based Culture and Legal System

Managing and Layout Editor Emeritus Madeline Roe Flores details a vision where the focus is not on rights but on true justice