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Opting for Benedict

Tim Wymore shares his journey with the life and teachings of St. Benedict.

Farewell to Seniors

We say “farewell” to our graduating seniors

Being a Dad

Alumnus Kevin Donohue comments on the joys and challenges of being a dad

Truth: RIP?

Professor Gerald Bradley discusses the “death” of truth

On Graduation

Kate Hardiman discusses the charge to do good and to do well

The Loving Gaze

Carolyn Ebner describes the importance of a look

“Trotsky and St. Benedict”—and Pope Francis

Brian Boyd reflects upon Alasdair Macintyre claim that “we are waiting not for a Godot, but for another—doubtless very different—Saint Benedict”

Education for Freedom

Professor Felicitas Munzel exhorts readers about the importance of being good stewards of freedom in educational institutions

The Greatest Works of Art

After spending a day exploring museum in Rome, Stephanie Reuter find joy and delight in the rest of humanity

A Hidden Richness on Campus

Micheal Moss highlights the beauty of Melkite Catholic Divine Liturgy