Patrick Lyon

Predictors of Sustainable Peace

Patrick Lyon reports on a Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies hosted discussion on Sustainable Peace — a discussion on effective governing to sustain peace without direct violence.

From Fantasy To (Strange) Reality

Patrick Lyon discusses one of the most potent desires of mankind and the honored tradition of American people stealing British sports, all in the name of JK Rowling’s Quidditch.

Vatican Insider Explores Global Church Through American Eyes

“Like Henry VIII said to each of his new wives, ‘I won’t keep you long.’” These types of humorous asides peppered a presentation by Vatican journalist John Allen on September 30 at Geddes Hall, and lightened the mood in a speech otherwise dedicated to very serious matters.

Lost in the Shuffle: The Case of Syrian Refugees

Patrick Lyon, Staff Writer The Center for Social Concerns hosted a discussion on the rising crisis in Syria titled “Dignity…