Stephanie Reuter

The Greatest Works of Art

After spending a day exploring museum in Rome, Stephanie Reuter find joy and delight in the rest of humanity

Wallace Stevens, Beauty, and the Catholic Imagination

Mary Ann Glendon explains poet’s spiritual journey

Saying Yes to Self-giving Love

Stephanie Reuter reflects upon a recent on-campus lecture and Catholic teaching about self-giving love

Becoming Rooted at Notre Dame

Stephanie Reuter explores the role of charity in grounding student life

Students React to Laetare Medal Decision

Debate over consistency with university’s Catholic identity

Antonin Scalia: Requiescat in Pace

Professors reflect on the late justice’s jurisprudence and legacy

Forming the Mind and the Heart

Stephanie Reuter considers the formative role of education and the disposition of a student

No More Abortions at South Bend Clinic

Indiana State Department of Health revokes Klopfer’s license, Women’s Pavilion forced to halt abortion services

A Harsh and Dreadful Thing

Stephanie Reuter muses on the danger of illusions and the idolization of love