Reflecting on the Right to Life

Grace Enright discusses Ireland’s constitution and the right to life

Trump Signs H.J. Res 43 Into Law

Bill allows states to revoke Planned Parenthood’s Title X funding

BeyoND the Abortion Debate

Senior initiates pro-life and pro-choice dinner discussion on campus

Abortion Must Change our Lives

Executive Editor Emeritus Alexandra DeSanctis discusses the importance of doing everything possible to fight to protect the unborn

Trump Defunds Pro-Abortion NGOs

Trump reinstates Mexico City Policy, ending government funding of NGOs that promote or provide abortion overseas

Hillary Should Have a “Catholic Problem”

Faculty Advisor Professor Laura Hollis examines the Hillary Clinton’s relationship with the Catholic Church

No More Abortions at South Bend Clinic

Indiana State Department of Health revokes Klopfer’s license, Women’s Pavilion forced to halt abortion services

Abortion Restriction Struck Down By St. Joseph County Council

Bill would have required hospital admitting privileges and the name of a backup doctor

Pervasive Evils: Pornography And Abortion

An interview with Christopher Tollefsen