Faculty Column

Mayor Pete at Notre Dame

Notre Dame’s own Fr. Bill Miscamble, C.S.C. offers perspective to larger community

Polarization and Political Philosophy

How a deep education can help overcome political division What has polarization to do with philosophy? Philosophy is, in the…

With gratitude to my friends

The lives of Don Briel and Bill Dempsey

Forgiveness, Texas Style

Brandt Jean’s reminds us of the real meaning of justice

Watershed Theology

The Pan-Amazon Synod and Integral Ecology

Compassion Does Not Mean Affirmation

How Notre Dame should respond to “gender identity”

Covering Columbus is in line with Notre Dame’s Catholic Character

How we can use the Main Building to proclaim our Catholic identity

Overcoming Shyness (for the sake of Sarah)

Professor Legarre describes the fruits of making connections I have been trying to overcome shyness ever since I can remember….

Pactum Serva

Review of Kristin Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset As a weary law student thirsting for the opportunity to read books about…

“We’re made to take care of things”

Pete Hlabse discusses the spiritual importance of taking care of your own backyard