Religious Freedom in Law, on Campus, and Across the Globe

Professors Bradley, Munõz, and Philpott offer perspectives on religious liberty

Resolving “Gender Issues” at Notre Dame

The recent student body election has brought the issue — or maybe more aptly, the non-issue — of “gender relations” to the forefront on the campus of Notre Dame, but is this really the issue?

Notre Dame to Revisit Core Curriculum Requirements

A committee has been tasked with the responsibility of gathering feedback on the University’s core curriculum for undergraduate students. In general, the professors who commented to the Rover call the review an opportunity for improvement, but remain cautious about its execution.

Topping Off Two Great Careers, Eh?

The Canadian duo of JP Malette and Jeremy Rae, two of Notre Dame’s middle-distance running greats, are finishing their careers at Notre Dame this season and were willing to sit down for an interview with the Irish Rover.

A University of the Sporting Sort?

Michael Bradley reports on an upcoming panel in the Panel Discussion Series, put on by the Dean’s Fellows and the College of Arts and Letters, to discuss what role sports play in the University’s mission.

Notre Dame Renews Litigation Against HHS Mandate

Tim Bradley reports on the recent decision to renew its litigation against the HHS Mandate — reporting that “Notre Dame has lent its public witness to the paramount cause of religious liberty”.

Holy Cross College Named A Recommended Catholic School

Michael Bradley reports that Holy Cross has been recommended by the National Catholic Register.

Is A University Education Worth It?

Tim Bradley continues his series on the cost of attending college. In this piece, he evaluates the financial investment of college and the importance of stressing the original purpose of higher education.