Michael Bradley

Are You Listening?

Finding Silence Amidst Modern Noise

War and the Peace the World Cannot Give

Michael Bradley tells the story of Charles V. Ednie, Catholic and veteran

Notre Dame Student Group Makes National Headlines, Wins National Award

BridgeND and parent organization recognized by national academic group

Vocation and Sin

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Michael Bradley reflects upon the continual discernment of our vocation in our lives

Angels in the Catholic Church

Editor-in-Chief Emeritus Michael Bradley sums up Church teaching on angels and their presence in Sacred Scripture

What The Good Thief’s Death Teaches Us About Life

Michael Bradley reflects on the good thief, Saint Dismas

From Excellent Sheep To Excellent Sheep

Editor in Chief Emeritus Michael Bradley reflects on the role of the Catholic university in guiding students in their personal vocations.

It Behooves A Watchdog To Bark

Editor-in-Chief Michael Bradley reflects on his time with the Rover and the challenges facing Notre Dame going forward.

Students Against Child-Oriented Policy?

A recent student effort to oppose the existence of Students for Child-Oriented Policy invites a second look at what has, and hasn’t, been said.

Campus Musings

EIC Michael Bradley discusses recent events on campus, including Ann Coulter’s invitation and the marriage debate.