Catholic identity

Grand Opening for DEI Center

PwC-funded center opens in LaFortune Student Center

Identity Confusion at Notre Dame

“Every part which does not harmonize with its whole is disgraceful.” — St. Augustine, Confessions III.8

Faculty Address Outlines “Notre Dame 2033: A Strategic Framework”

Catholic Identity, Affirmative Action, and university growth discussed at September 5 event

We Will Not Be Silenced

Support the Rover’s legal defense against a Notre Dame professor’s suit

What it Means to Be ND

Managing Editor Nico Schmitz writes on the University’s New Ad and what it conveys about her mission

Understanding Secular Education at Notre Dame

The contradiction of Notre Dame’s secular classroom and “Catholic neighborhood”

“I Wouldn’t Send My Kids to Notre Dame”

Pessimism and the passive forfeiture of Notre Dame’s Catholic identity

A Light of Truth in a Secular Age

Catholic identity in higher education

Let’s Argue

The telos, or end, of a university, what makes it different from a Scout summer camp, Bell Labs, Human Rights…