Prefer Nothing to the Love of Christ

In the Gospels, Jesus frequently rebukes his disciples for thinking as their contemporaries do and not as God does. Additionally,…

Europe’s spiritual hunger

Archbishop details the Church’s role in the European Project

The Truth About Catholic Education

Rev. Bechina speaks on pursuit of truth and academic freedom

Point-Counterpoint: Can Catholics Support Trump?

Charlie Ducey and Redmond Tuttle debate whether or not Catholics can—and should—vote for Donald Trump.

Free Read of the Week 10/19

Free Read of the Week for October 19

Light and Clouds

John VanBerkum examines the roles of faith and reason in the life of a university student.

Answering the Call, Engaging the Culture

Abigail Bartels writes on why she is earning a minor in gender studies.

The Joy of Truth

A reflection on witnessing the truth, even when it is most painful and difficult.

The Value of a Catholic Education

The University of Notre Dame has an important mission in the future of Catholic education, and through the Echo and Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) programs, it is affecting great positive change.

New School for Global Affairs Intended to Boost Notre Dame’s Catholic Mission

University Provost Thomas G. Burish: “A new School of International [Global] Affairs is one way through which our global aspirations could be advanced, as they have at many other top research universities.”