What is the Mission of the Catholic Law School?

In this issue’s Faculty Column, Professor Richard Garnett asks the question and answers with his own question: what would it mean to think about law as a vocation?

Collapsing Catholic Charity

Alexandra DeSanctis investigates the social trends within the Catholic Church with regards to charitable giving, prompted by a new report on “Generosity Inside and Outside the Church,” by Drs. Christian Smith and Brian Starks.

Holy Cross College Named A Recommended Catholic School

Michael Bradley reports that Holy Cross has been recommended by the National Catholic Register.

The Julia Effect: Embracing Catholic Guilt

Campus Editor Emeritus Elliot Argue takes an insightful look at the relationship between Catholicism and guilt through the lens of Evelyn Waugh’s character Julia Flyte in his Brideshead Revisited.

Research-Heavy Disciplines Factor Into Catholic Mission

Maya Lewis talks with a number of professors and administrators to see how research fits into the University’s Catholic mission.

A Catholic Common Core

Kevin Donohue disagrees with those who claim that the Common Core lowers expectations for students and is contrary to the Catholic intellectual tradition or dogma.

Vatican Insider Explores Global Church Through American Eyes

“Like Henry VIII said to each of his new wives, ‘I won’t keep you long.’” These types of humorous asides peppered a presentation by Vatican journalist John Allen on September 30 at Geddes Hall, and lightened the mood in a speech otherwise dedicated to very serious matters.