Summer Culture Collection

Rover masthead shares favorites from summer break

Cars 2: The (Car) Empire Strikes Back

Critique of Liberalism in Pixar Original Gives Way to Embrace of Internationalism in Sequel


Baptizing a musical

Summer Culture Collection

Rover masthead highlights favorites from Summer break.

Shaking Up Shakespeare

The University of Notre Dame presents a classic story in a contemporary fashion

Faculty Culture Collection

Rover Faculty Advisors recommend books and films every undergraduate student should read and watch

Discovering the Beauty of Irish Folk Music

Reflecting on the timeless tunes of the Emerald Isle

Pixar’s Cars as Striking Critique of the Liberal Project

Classic children’s film serves to tell a poignant message

Headphones On: ‘Solar Power’

Lorde (finally) comes of age with new album

Harmony on the High Seas

Sea shanties become viral musical trend of 2020