Faculty Culture Collection

Rover Faculty Advisors recommend books and films every undergraduate student should read and watch

Discovering the Beauty of Irish Folk Music

Reflecting on the timeless tunes of the Emerald Isle

Pixar’s Cars as Striking Critique of the Liberal Project

Classic children’s film serves to tell a poignant message

Headphones On: ‘Solar Power’

Lorde (finally) comes of age with new album

Harmony on the High Seas

Sea shanties become viral musical trend of 2020

Headphones On

The Beatles, Revolver: Pushing the Envelope for the Fab Four

Gender trouble: Jesus edition

A consideration of the role of Jesus’ man-ness

Created for More: Campus Ministry Tackles “The Lost Art of Dating”

What is dating like on Notre Dame’s campus? Is there an alternative to the hook-up culture? What is dating like in a 21st century environment? A recent lecture addressed these issues.

Settling for Less

Lyssa Mall reflects on the damaging effects of sexual impurity on authentic love and calls for women to seek a higher love.

“Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom” To Be Shown On Campus

Liz Everett reports on an exclusive showing of the a biographical film on the life of Nelson Mandela, sponsored by the Notre Dame Center for Ethics and Culture.