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Tamara Kay v. The Irish Rover Dismissed

The defamation lawsuit brought against the Irish Rover by Prof. Tamara Kay in June 2023 was dismissed by St. Joseph County, Indiana, Superior Court on Jan 8, 2024, under Indiana’s Anti-SLAPP law. 

A Lifetime Burning in Every Moment

“My past, O Lord, to Thy mercy; my present, to Thy love; my future, to Thy providence.” – St. Pio of Pietrelcina

Catholic Pharisaism

Executive Editor Josh Gilchrist writes on hypocrisy in religion

The Religion Section Recommends…

Rover staff writers offer suggestions for summer spiritual reading

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

A Fond Farewell to Rover Seniors

DART like a champion today

Rover recommendations for Spring registration