Leo Corelli – Editor-in-Chief

Leo Corelli first joined the Rover on a whim after emailing the former editor-in-chief with his characteristic enthusiasm . He served as layout manager for that year and then made the jump to EIC. He takes it upon himself to personally ensure that late publishing nights are not as productive as they can be, but has run a remarkably tight ship amidst the challenges of COVID-tide. The grace with which he was welcomed into the Rover family has had a lasting impression on him, and the people who he has been fortunate enough to meet continue to motivate him personally, spiritually, and professionally. Rumor has it that he and graduating politics editor, John Hale, are cracked at Fortnite. He does not know quite yet what he is doing after graduation, but he has some interesting prospects in the works.

John Hale – Politics Editor

John Hale wrote his first Rover piece during the spring semester of his freshman year of college. Less than two years later, he would find himself on the fourth floor of Geddes Hall advocating for Rocco’s pizza on publishing nights. Although interesting, his double-jointed left thumb is far from the most interesting thing about him. Following his graduation in May, John will return to Notre Dame as a J.D. candidate in the Law School. John is excited to emulate his namesake, John Patrick Hale, Senior, in pursuing a legal education. Four Notre Dame football seasons just weren’t quite enough to satiate his childhood longing to cheer on the Irish in person and stare in wonder at the Golden Dome. John is grateful for his time at Our Lady’s University and looks forward to growing in faith and learning to think more deeply over the next three years and beyond.

Zach Pearson – Culture Editor 

I hope you brought a pair of headphones, friend. Zach Pearson fondly remembers his first “Headphones On” column of sophomore year, sparking a tradition of thoughtful discourse on the music of the moment (whether or not the moment was this year or 50 years ago). In his tenure, Zach saw the Culture and Thought section decide to do a little less “thinking” and a lot more “culturing” as the section became known as Just Culture. He also saw Maritain’s bust a few more times than he would have liked. Those eyes, man. Piercing. “Wouldn’t it be nice if we were older / then we wouldn’t have to wait so long.” Zach would like to wait a little longer under Our Lady’s shadow, but clocks have a habit of ticking. The hands strike the hour marked “graduation” and he is setting off to the Capitol where he will work as an associate with the confusingly-titled Boston Consulting Group. He is most thankful to the Rover for giving him one of his dearest friends and accomplices, whose illicit chicken and constant prayers have carried him through his darkest days. Geddes Hall, you have my heart. I’ll see you again soon.

Bea Cuasay – Webmaster

“Beam me up chiefs.” Scotty, these were Bea Cuasay’s exact words when asking to join the rest of the Rover crew up in the Jacques Maritain library on editing nights. She began writing for the Rover at the beginning of freshman year. God’s Providence brought her back to the Bend the following year, and it was then when she began serving as webmaster. While staring at her computer instills in her an increasing desire to become a luddite, she can be found in a black beret sipping espresso, port, or bourbon (though not at the same time) to take the edge off. Or, perhaps, exploring the recesses of Thomistic personalism and relational ontology. In the fall she will teach elementary schoolchildren, ever full of wonder, at The Vanguard School in Colorado Springs.