Fr. Bill Miscamble

Forum Held to Discuss Core Curriculum

Committee members lead university-wide forum, allowing faculty to comment on proposal that would make the biggest changes to the core curriculum since 1969

Has Catholic Identity Again Fallen Prey to Secular Orthodoxy at Notre Dame?

Alum Rich Maggi discusses the silencing of Fr. Bill Miscamble in light of the university’s Catholic identity

Popes, Presidents, And Fr. Hesburgh: A Reflection

Fr. Bill Miscamble, CSC, reflects on the life of Fr. Hesburgh

Notre Dame Trustees At A Crossroads: An Appeal

Father Bill Miscamble, CSC offers insight on the controversial Campus Crossroads project and the challenge it presents to the Notre Dame Board of Trustees.

Educators In The Faith At Notre Dame: New Challenges For Holy Cross

Holy Cross has the responsibility to educate Notre Dame students in their faith.

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